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COVID-19 Vaccine General Information to Patients

The COVID-19 vaccination phases have begun; however, quantities are currently limited. In response, the CDC and state public health departments have developed a phased approach to vaccine distribution. For details, visit

Scheduling COVID-19 Vaccination

If you are a member of the currently eligible populations, you may schedule a vaccination appointment through MyChart. Please note that appointments fill quickly because of limited supply. As more supply becomes available, appointments will continue to open up. When MyChart traffic is maximized, you may receive a “busy” signal. Thank you for your patience. If you have questions, please call the Kentucky COVID-19 Vaccine hotline at (855) 598-2246.

Current Visitor Restrictions

Due to the rapidly changing situation, we ask that you visit our website here for the most up to date information on visitors.

COVID Response

St. Elizabeth Healthcare and St. Elizabeth Physicians wants to ensure our patients, visitors and staff remain healthy. Due to the rapidly changing environment, please contact your physician’s office or hospital department to get the latest information about requirements for your visit or test. You can also visit our websites at St Elizabeth Physicians and St Elizabeth Healthcare.

For more information visit

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